CECAM policy on child care

CECAM wishes to support a parent with a young child attending a CECAM workshop or tutorial. CECAM recognises that some support for child care at its meetings is an allowable expense.

The following rules apply:

  1. An additional per diem of 50CHF is paid to the babysitter who takes care of a child coming with a parent to attend a CECAM meeting in Switzerland (Lausanne, Zurich, Lugano).
  2. The parent should be an invited attendee at the workshop or tutorial. The parent should not be employed at EPFL (ETHZ, or USI).
  3. The babysitter should not be attending the meeting.
  4. The child should be no younger that 8 weeks and no older than 18 months at the beginning of the meeting.

CECAM does not take responsibility for finding child care, this is the responsibility of the parent. CECAM would welcome a family member or friend travelling with the attending parent to look after the child during the meeting.