Daily life at CECAM

Welcome to Switzerland

There are many great restaurants in Lausanne from formal to laidback, Italian to Asian. Plenty of places that will cater to your taste and budget: http://www.bonresto.ch/web/index.asp

You can find a good selection of hotel in Lausanne from ** to ***** : http://www.lausanne-tourisme.ch/en/

Hotel Amenities

General info:

Local weather

There are taxies outside the Lausanne train station. Most taxies only take Swiss francs. Count about CHF 20.- to Hotels Aulac, Crystal and Regina and CHF 30.- to the TulipInn (taxies are expensive)

Upon arrival at your hotel they will give you a free public transport pass for the period of your stay, this pass can be used to come to the CECAM and be used on buses and metros M1, M2. Public transport in Lausanne and Switzerland is excellent.

In Switzerland all the shops and many restaurants are closed on Sundays. There is a small coop (supermarket) and a pharmacy open all day at the Lausanne and Geneva train station (again expensive).

Most restaurants are closed on a Sunday night in Lausanne so if you are arriving late check with your hotel if they can cater or advise on an open restaurant near by.

Food shops (Coop and Migros) are open on from ~08h30 to 19h00 – http://www.ligoo.ch/

Loud noise is strongly discouraged between 22:00 (10:00pm) and 07:00am.

As in most large cities, you need to be aware of pick-pockets on the public transport, keep your bags close to you at all times whether on the metro, bus, restaurant or even on the campus.

Cashpoints or ATM are called bancomat in Switzerland.

EPFL / UNIL Campus
The restaurants on the campus only take Swiss Francs (cash) no cards or EUROs. The cafeteria in this building BCH does take EUROs

EPFL on Google map


Lausanne public transports map