Since its conception, CECAM has had a major impact on promoting the application of computational methods through research and education. Every year almost 500 PhD students participate in CECAM events. CECAM Schools and Tutorials offer basic and advanced training, while CECAM Workshops often provide the first opportunity for students to interact with international experts and present their work in front of a select group of them. The collaborations between scientists of the CECAM community offer an ideal framework for organising exchange visits that allow students to acquire international work experience. In line with these capabilities, CECAM has established a Graduate Training Program and introduced a CECAM PhD prize.

  • To be eligible for admission into the CECAM Graduate Training Program, students must be enrolled in a PhD program in one of the partner institutions of CECAM Nodes or Member Organisations, and work on a computational topic in a scientific field covered by CECAM.
  • Admission to the CECAM Graduate Training Program is decided by the CECAM director upon application and based on the recommendation of a dedicated commission.
  • CECAM is a pan-European network and students of the CECAM Graduate Training Program are required to carry out part of their research at an international partner institution different from their main host.
  • During their PhD, students of the CECAM Graduate Training Program should participate in at least 3 CECAM workshops or CECAM schools.
  • Students will be invited to co-organize a dedicated summer event, where they will have the opportunity to meet & interact with scientists from academia and industry, and to present and discuss their work.
  • Graduating students will present their PhD work at the summer event, and a jury will select the winner of the CECAM PhD prize.
  • Graduating students will be awarded with a CECAM Graduate Training Certificate.

The CECAM Graduate Training Program is designed to help attract students to the field of Computational Science and Technology, making them feel part of a community that cares about their education, work, and future career, and to leverage the power of the CECAM nodal structure by fostering new collaborations.

Please note that the program will not provide additional salary to the students. Funding will be provided instead to attend specific CECAM events and participate in the other activities of the program.

To Apply:

The application must include

  • A curriculum vitae
  • Description of the current PhD program of enrolment and of your project, including planned collaborative activities within the CECAM network (max. 3 pages)
  • Motivation letter
  • Contact information of two scientists who can provide reference letters

Important dates:

Application deadline: 30th January 2019
Start date of the program: March 2019

To proceed:

Register on the CECAM website

After registration click on the button below