How to Apply for Membership


From Article 8: Extension of Membership to New Members.
Any appropriate European research organization may become a Member Organization of CECAM after a formal written proposal to the CECAM Council, followed by a qualified majority vote of the Council and finally the signing of the Convention by the new Member Organization.

From Article 7: Finances
7.1 Membership Contributions
The parties to the present Convention undertake to make available to the association an annual grant to cover the costs of the association and to contribute to the scientific program endorsed by the Council.

From ANNEX 3
Minimum Membership Fees
The grant to be contributed for CECAM Membership is at the discretion of the Member Organization but is at least equal to the minimum contribution of 30,000 Euros per year.

CECAM welcomes new members.
If you intend to apply for CECAM Membership, please contact the CECAM Director (