How to Apply for Node Status


From Article 5: CECAM Nodes.

A CECAM Node is a research structure inside a larger Institution (the ”Node Institution”), or a consortium of such research structures, devoted to active research in computational sciences in one or more domains covered by CECAM. The Institution (or consortium of Institutions) proposing to host a Node is expected to be a prominent Research Centre in the country where it operates. In particular, this Institution is supposed to develop and sustain:

  • An internationally recognized research programme at the frontiers of the scientific domain(s) of interest;
  • All cyber-infrastructures suitable for/required by the activity of the CECAM Node.

In the simplest situation, a Node is linked to a single Institution which is also a member organization of CECAM. When the Node involves more than one ”Node Institution” with possibly one or more Member Organizations of CECAM, a consortium agreement will be signed between all the institutions constituting the Node in order to establish the creation of the Node and to specify a person (possibly the Node Director) who can be authorized by each Node Institution to sign agreements related to the Node on behalf of each single institution constituting the Node.

Here is a template that we suggest you use to draft the required Node Agreement
Any issues can be discussed with the CECAM Director (