CECAM Ireland: Advancing Computational Science

Central location
University College Dublin

Donal Mac Kernan

- University College Dublin (UCD)
- Irish Universities Association (IUA)

Welcome to CECAM Ireland, where 130 dedicated researchers, including PhD students, collaborate on cutting-edge research in almost every Irish University. Our laboratories span a diverse spectrum of scientific interests, from advanced molecular dynamics and quantum dynamics to the life sciences, and everything in between. Irish membership of CECAM is through the Irish Universities Association and the Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science

Our Research Focus:

  • Method and Software Development: We innovate in the realms of computational methods and software.
  • Electronic Structure: Unravelling the mysteries of condensed matter.
  • Multiscale Modelling: Bridging the gap from mesoscale to macroscale.
  • Machine Learning: Harnessing artificial intelligence for scientific breakthroughs.


Our work extends across domains:

  • Advanced Materials: Pioneering materials for a sustainable future.
  • Energy Extraction and Storage: Powering progress.
  • Biological Sciences: Illuminating life’s complexities.
  • Food Science: Enhancing nutrition and safety.
  • Diagnostics and Therapeutics: Transforming healthcare.

Computational Resources:

  • ICHEC (National Super Computer Centre): Our computational backbone.
  • Local Resources: Each institution contributes to our collective strength.

Collaboration and Learning:

CECAM-IRELAND workshops and meetings thrive across the Emerald Isle. While our heart often beats at UCD, we embrace the spirit of exploration—our gatherings can unfold anywhere in Ireland .

Join us on this scientific journey, where curiosity knows no bounds.