How to Apply for Membership

Member Organizations define and fund CECAM’s activities and have final approval of all initiatives within the CECAM network. All Member Organizations participate on equal footings to the Council, the supreme governing body of CECAM. Each Institution nominates two representatives to Council who act as interface between CECAM and its Members, with authority to vote and transmit and co-define the Member’s policy towards CECAM and vice-versa.

Detailed information on role, privileges and duties of CECAM Members can be found in the CECAM Convention

Current CECAM Members include Universities, Research Centers, HPC Centers, National Research Centers and Governmental Agencies, National Ministries. A list of these Organizations can be found here. Current representatives at Council are listed here .

The CECAM Director and Deputy Director are always available for preliminary discussions on potential new memberships.

How to apply

European Institution: Contact the CECAM Director ( with an email stating the intention to become Member. Please attach a two page description of your Institution and of its strategic interest in becoming a CECAM Member. Please attach also a statement of the Institution’s intention to pay the yearly CECAM contribution (minimum 30000Eur) for a period of three years and an indication of the names of the representatives at Council.

Applications from consortia of Institutions are possible, the documents accompanying the request should include information on all applicants and can be lengthened accordingly. The number of representatives at Council does not change for consortia.

Templates for application documents are available upon request to CECAM.

Non-European Institution: CECAM has specific procedures for processing requests from non-European Institutions. Please contact the CECAM HQ Director for information.