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Almost famous a woman behind the codes

Wednesday November 15 2017

On November 15 2017, CECAM and NCCR MARVEL invited a truly outstanding representative of the first generation of coders, Mary Ann Mansigh Karlsen, to share her recollections of those pioneering efforts. Mary Ann's long collaboration with Berni Alder at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory was instrumental for establishing molecular dynamics as a key tool to study condensed matter systems. The event was introduced by a presentation on the early days of computer simulations in condensed matter physics by former CECAM director Prof. Michel Mareschal.

Below are the videos of the two parts of the event.

Part 1: It's only numerics: an introduction to the early days of computer simulation by Michel Mareschal

Part 2: A conversation between Mary Ann Mansigh Karlsen and Daan Frenkel (University of Cambridge, UK). Insights on her fascinating story and her experiences as a coder at Livermore over a period of almost thirty years, providing a unique point of view on the scientific and technological development of computer simulation from the early days of molecular dynamics in the late 1950, to the mid 1980s.