Mary Ann Mansigh Series

The Mary Ann Mansigh Conversation series focuses of non-strictly technical topics of cultural interest for the simulation and modelling community. The format reflects the informative and informal nature of these sessions, with talks introducing the subject followed by a conversation between the speakers and the audience.

Fascination and industrial value of materials modeling

Thursday May 5 2022, 15:00 CEST

The lecture will take place on the EPFL campus, in room BCH2103 (Batochime building) and will be broadcasted live on Zoom. It will be followed with an aperitif in Epicure for on-site participants.

Registration is advised for in-person participation, please do so at: https://forms.gle/KMMQHMHqaczQjvd3A 

Zoom link: https://epfl.zoom.us/j/66545240720?pwd=Y1k3NkFlc1N5S3F5YkhxTlBTMU1KZz09

Fascination and industrial value of materials modeling

Erich Wimmer, Materials Design

Understanding the marvelous complexity of nature is a deeply human desire, and to this end modeling is a uniquely powerful tool. Starting from this view, this lecture will revolve around an aspect of high actuality, namely energy. Moving from a society burning fossil fuels and thereby destroying our vulnerable environment to solutions that are sustainable and realistic, is perhaps one of the biggest technological and societal challenges of the 21st century. By discussing specific examples including metal alloys and polymers, batteries, electronic devices, and CO2 capture, this lecture will show how modeling and simulations are applied in a wide range of length and time scales, supporting the path to better and sustainable technologies. With deeply founded theoretical concepts, highly efficient algorithms in sophisticated computer programs, and unprecedented compute power, never before had humans such fascinating tools in their hands. Thus, materials modeling creates industrial value and it satisfies our human desire for understanding the processes that form and transform materials around us.

Erich Wimmer is co-founder, Chief Scientific Officer, and Chairman of the Board of Materials Design. He has initiated major software development programs, organized industrial consortia, and leads research efforts to create industrial value through computational chemistry and materials science. Dr. Wimmer is author and co-author of over 130 scientific publications and has given numerous lectures worldwide.

Interview and recollections E. Wimmer and W. Curtin

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