Driven Microfluidic Systems

May 20, 2009 to May 22, 2009
Location : Atlantic Centre for Atomistic Modelling, Dublin


  • Ramin Golestanian (University of Oxford, United Kingdom)
  • Vladimir Lobaskin (University College Dublin, Ireland)


Science Foundation Ireland

University College Dublin

Atlantic Centre for Atomistic Modelling - ACAM


The workshop covers a range of non-equilibirum phenomena in microfluidic systems, which have been discovered or developed into applications over the recent years. A particular emphasis will be put on the active systems, which are able to transform or rectify the energy from internal depots or supplied by external fields into the directed transport. We step away from the brute force pressure-driven flows and concentrate on transport processes generated by thermal or chemical gradients, electric, magnetic, or acoustic fields, active surfaces and other propulsion mechanisms acting on the microscale. Modelling of these phenomena requires an accurate description of the non-equilibrium and inhomogeneous systems, interfacial fluid dynamics and inclusion of time-dependent boundary conditions.

The aims of the workshop are to bring together leading experts in driven microfluidics systems, to discuss the above mentioned technical issues in numerical modeling and to generate ideas of novel techniques for producing fluid flow at the microscale for biomedical, chemical and other applications. Also of our interest are microrobotic devices, such as artificial flagella and cilia, colloidal motors driven by external fields or gradients and used nowadays for generating microflows. We hope to bring together theoreticians and experimentalists to help foster dialogue and exchange of ideas between researchers involved with this subject from different perspectives.