Hands-on Tutorial on CFD using Code_Saturne

October 4, 2017 to October 6, 2017


  • Charles Moulinec (STFC Daresbury Laboratory, United Kingdom)
  • Juan Uribe (EDF R&D UK Research Centre, United Kingdom)
  • Stefano Rolfo (STFC Daresbury Laboratory, United Kingdom)




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This tutorial is an introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics techniques currently used on High-End machines. Code_Saturne, which is a powerful open-source multi-purpose HPC CFD tool primarily developed by EDF R&D and used by them to simulate their energy-related problems, is the support tool for this tutorial. Code_Saturne is one of the 12 software of the restricted PRACE Unified European Applications Benchmark Suite and is also one of the software belonging to the JUQUEEN High-Q Club. As it is used by academia, but also by industry for their core business, designing a robust toolchain from mesh pre-processing to visualisation is key. Complex applications involving multiscale and multiphysics already require 10,000s to 100,000s processors as demonstrated by the largest Code_Saturne's production simulations already using over 1 billion cells and 2 racks of a Blue Gene/Q to investigate the flow in Advanced Gas-cooled Reactor fuel assemblies.
The tutorial will present some of Code_Saturne's main features to run large scale simulations, explaining how the pre-processing, domain partitioning, solving the Navier-Stokes equations at scale, and post-processing the results are carried out. The first sessions will focus on how to use Code_Saturne, setting up the simulations using either the GUI or usersubroutines. The highlight of the tutorial will be a large scale simulation of an isothermal Large-Eddy Simulation in a tube bundle run overnight on 128 nodes (up to 8,192 threads) of Juelich Blue Gene/Q (JUQUEEN).

The following topics will be dealt with:

-Fundamentals of CFD
-Introduction to turbulence, focusing on Large-Eddy Simulation (LES)
-Description of the latest fully validated version of Code_Saturne (it is currently V4.0) and its structure

-Using Code_Saturne's GUI
-Using Code_Saturne's user subroutines
-Introduction to HPC, and Blue Gene/Q

The following hand-on sessions will be delivered first:
-Hand-on Session: Laminar flow through tube bundles using the GUI
-Hand-on Session: LES of flow through tube bundles with GUI
-Hand-on Session: LES of flow through tube bundles with user subroutines
The last hand-on session will offer the opportunity to the attendees to perform a simulation on 128 nodes (up to 8,192 threads) of the Blue Gene/Q overnight.

The second part of the tutorial will deal with:
-Hand-on Session: Use of subroutines for advanced post-processing
-Hand-on Session: Effect of the partitioning on the time to solution
-Hand-on Session: Code-Code coupling (flow in a pump)
-Hand-on Session: Turbulent flow in a pump using Code_Saturne's turbomachinary module