Applications of Diffusiophoresis in Drying, Freezing and Flowing Colloidal Suspensions

October 30, 2019 to November 1, 2019
Location : CECAM-HQ-EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland
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  • Richard Sear (University of Surrey, United Kingdom)
  • Patrick Warren (Unilever R&D Port Sunlight, United Kingdom)




The proposed workshop will bring together pioneers of phoresis in a diverse range of fields, including scientists who normally would not attend the same conference. They will share ideas and knowledge, and map out the future of this rapidly developing field. Participants will include leading experimentalists, computer simulators and theoreticians. They will include participants from industry. We will also bring together leading scientists who work on evaporating systems, but have not, so far, considered phoretic effects.

Bringing simulation and experimentalist leaders together will allow the key problems and their associated technical simulation challenges, to be discussed.The workshop will open up opportunities for simulations to help understand exciting new challenges, including in a number of areas of industrial importance.

The workshop will have three topics:

1) Applications of diffusiophoresis - most talks here will be by experimentalists, who will be asked to present not only their results, but also what are the challenges to understand and hence rationally engineer their systems.

2) Fundamentals of diffusiophoresis - a mixture of simulation, experiment and theoretical talks on what we currently understand about diffusiophoresis, typically in simple model systems

3) Simulations of diffusiophoresis and related phenomena - simulation talks on the state of the art, what are the technical challenges, what experimental data is needed to compare to simulation data, and how simulations can help understand experimental systems.

We will have at least one general discussion on each topic, as well as the final wrap-up general discussion. On topic 1 the discussion will include how simulation, combined with theory and further experiments, can help us understand the many systems where diffusiophoresis has recently been suspected or has been proved to be important. The topic-2 discussion will include what we more we need to know about the mechanisms of diffusiophoresis, and how we will learn this. Topic-3’s discussion will focus on what the technical challenges are, and how they can be overcome, in order for simulation to contribute to topics 1 and 2. Our final general discussion, at the end of the meeting, will bring out key findings of the discussions and talks, in particular general trends, and consider what are the most important open challenges and questions.


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