Normal modes of biological macromolecules: methods and applications

September 12, 2018 to September 14, 2018
Location : Institut Henri Poincare, Paris 5eme (CECAM-FR-MOSER).

Wednesday September 12th 2018 - Day 1

Daniel Ben avraham: "Atomic Torsional Modal Analysis (ATMAN) and its generalization"

Konrad Hinsen: TBA

Lilianne Mouawad: "From images to membrane proteins: two complementary visions of normal modes"

Pemra Doruker: "Incorporation of residue specificity and ligand effect into coarse-grained network models by RESPEC"

Marc Delarue: TBA

Yves-Henri Sanejouand: "Jumping between protein conformations"

Juan Cortes: "Modeling protein conformational transitions by a combination of coarse-grained normal mode analysis and robotics-inspired methods"

Burak Erman: "Entropy Transfer and Dynamics of Allostery in Proteins"

Thursday September 13th 2018 - Day 2

Ivet Bahar: "Chromosomal Structural Dynamics Studied by the Gaussian Network Model"

Guang Song: "Efficient Normal mode computations for large assemblies"

Sergei Grunidin: TBA

Nathalie Reuter: "Similarity of dynamics within structurally similar non-homologous proteins"

Patrice Koehl: "Comparing the dynamics of large viral capsids"

Mathilde Carpentier: "Impact of insertion and deletion on protein structures and normal modes"

Holger Gohlke: "What to get from floppy modes? Linking biomolecular flexibility and thermodynamics"

Friday September 14th 2018 - Day 3

Paul Bates: "Application to protein-protein docking"

Julian Echave: "Studying protein evolution with Elastic Network Models"

Ugo Bastolla: "Characterizing protein structure evolution and dynamical couplings through the torsional network model"

Cristian Micheletti: "Patterns of coevolving amino acids unveil structural and dynamical domains in proteins"

Monique Tirion: "How does nature design and exploit the intrinsic rigidity in folded proteins ?"

Pablo Chacon: "3D Puzzles for integrative structural biology"