Interactions and Transport of Charged Species in Bulk and at Interfaces

July 4, 2016 to July 7, 2016
Location : CECAM-AT

Polymorphism of Wigner bilayers

Emmanuel TRIZAC
Université Paris-Sud, France

Coauthor(s) : M. Antlanger [1], G. Kahl [1], M. Mazars [2], L. Samaj [3]
[1] Vienna University of Technology [2] University Paris-Sud / Paris-Saclay [3] Slovak Academy of Sciences


Combining analytical calculations and computational techniques
of evolutionary and Monte Carlo types, we report about a remarkable structural variability of Wigner bilayer ground states,
when charges are confined between parallel charged plates.
Changing the inter-layer separation, or the plate charge asymmetry, a cascade of ordered patterns
emerges. At variance with the symmetric case phenomenology, the competition between commensurability features and charge neutralization leads to long range attraction, appearance of macroscopic charges, exotic phases, and non conventional
phase transitions with distinct critical indices, offering the possibility of a subtle, but precise and convenient control over patterns.
Moreover, while the plate with smaller nominal charge by absolute value is generically undercharged, it may exhibit overcharging in some parameter range.