Ion Transport from Physics to Physiology: the Missing Rungs in the Ladder

April 3, 2017 to April 5, 2017
Location : CECAM-HQ-EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland
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Ion transport: from kinetic models to high resolution structures and back

Simon Berneche
U Basel, Switzerland


High resolution structures have changed our way of looking at the function of ion channels and transporters, for the better or worse. These molecular structures constitute an invaluable source of information and a prerequisite to any detailed calculation. Unfortunately, they have also overshadowed decades of findings that were often modeled by kinetic models, which were the closest one could get to the long-sought dream of a high resolution structure. Kinetic models remain an efficient way to link the structure and function of ion channels and to allow integration of our molecular and mechanistic knowledge into cellular models. I will discuss our learnings from different studies of ion channels and transporters, and from our implication in the Human Brain Projects, a flagship project of the European Union.