Theoretical Spectroscopy Lectures

October 8, 2018 to October 12, 2018
Location : CECAM-HQ-EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland
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9 presentations

 BetheSalpeterEquation.pdfBethe Salpeter equationFrancesco Sottile
 DensityFunctionalTheory.pdfDensity Functional Theory. Particular technical aspects are emphasized, vis-a-vis of the Abinit CodeFrancesco Sottile
 GreensFunctionsTheory.pdfIntroduction to Green's functions theory and Many-Body Perturbation TheoryFrancesco Sottile
 GWApproximation.pdfGW approximation: theory and practical aspects.Francesco Sottile
 Intro_Micro-Macro.pdfIntroduction to the objectives of the school and connection between Microscopic and Macroscopic worldFrancesco Sottile
 NonLinearPerturbative.pdfNon linear optics within TDDFT: perturbative approach. Second and third order polarizabilitiesFrancesco Sottile
 TimeDependentDFT.pdfTime Dependent Density Functional Theory and Linear Response functions. connection with experiments.Francesco Sottile
 TimeEvolutionBSE.pdfNon linear optics within Green's function: time evolution approach.Francesco Sottile
 TimeEvolutionTDDFT.pdfNon linear optics within TDDFT: time evolution approach. Francesco Sottile

3 files

 abinit_cecam_howto.pdfAbinit at Cecam HOWTOFrancesco Sottile
 tddft-exc-spec.pdfTDDFT, Excitations and Spectroscopy. Applications to Optical, Electron and X-ray Spectroscopy.Valerio Olevano
 tuto_2light.pdfTutorial for the code 2lightValerie Veniard