Coarse-Grained Biomolecular Modeling

October 17, 2011 to October 21, 2011
Location : CECAM-HQ-EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland
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6 presentations

 CECAM-Lausanne-Deserno-2011.pdfLecture slides Markus Deserno, Strongly coarse-grained membrane models, Wednesday MorningAlex de Vries
 CGBM2011_AlexdeVries.pdfLecture slides Alex de Vries Monday morningAlex de Vries
 CGBM2011_Marrink_MartiniAdvanced.pdfLecture slides Siewert Jan Marrink Tuesday morning MARTINIAlex de Vries
 CGBM2011_Marrink_MartiniBasics.pdfLecture slides Siewert Jan Marrink Monday morningAlex de Vries
 Noid-CecamTutorial-2011.pdfLecture slides Will Noid: Hierarchical coarse graining, Thursday morningAlex de Vries
 Shillcock-DPD-Talk-19Oct2011.pdfLectur slides Julian Shillcock: Generic Amphiphile models and DPD Alex de Vries

5 files

 HCG_tutorialfiles.tar.gzTutorial files Hierarchical coarse graining (NOTE: trajectory files NOT included)Alex de Vries
 MartiniTutorial2011.pdfTutorial text: Monday and Tuesday - MARTINIAlex de Vries
 mbtools_tutorial_cecam.tar.gzTutorial files Strongly coarse-grained membrane models with EspressoAlex de Vries
 mbtools_tutorial.pdfTutorial text: strongly coarse-grained membrane models with Espresso: WednesdayAlex de Vries
 rn_tutorial.pdfTutorial text: Hierarchical coarse-graining, ThursdayAlex de Vries