Coarse-grained Simulation of Biological Soft Matter Systems using ESPResSo

October 10, 2011 to October 14, 2011
Location : University of Stuttgart, Germany

11 presentations

 02-Introduction.pdfIntroductory Talk (C. Holm)Olaf Lenz
 03-BasicUsage.pdfBasic Usage (O. Lenz)Olaf Lenz
 04-AdvancedUsage.pdfAdvanced Usage (A. Arnold)Olaf Lenz
 05-Electrostatics.pdfLong-range Interactions (A. Arnold)Olaf Lenz
 06-Microhydrodynamics.pdfMicrohydrodynamics (U. Schiller)Olaf Lenz
 07-Membranes.pdfMembranes (M. Hu)Olaf Lenz
 08-Future.pdfFuture of ESPResSo (O. Lenz)Olaf Lenz
 09-VOTCA.pdfVOTCA (D. Andrienko)Olaf Lenz
 10-ADResS.pdfMulti-scale modeling using AdResS (C. Junghans)Olaf Lenz
 11-ESPResSo++.pdfESPResSo++ (T. Stühn)Olaf Lenz
 13-Membranes.pdfDetermining the Gaussian Bending Modulus of Lipid Membranes in Simulations (M. Hu)Olaf Lenz

6 files

 01-Welcome.pdfWelcome (O. Lenz)Olaf Lenz
 tutorial-1-basics.tar.gzTutorial 1 - Basics: Lennard-Jones fluidOlaf Lenz
 tutorial-2-advanced.tar.gzTutorial 2 - Advanced: Development Code and ElectrostaticsOlaf Lenz
 tutorial-3-membrane.tar.gzTutorial 3 - MembranesOlaf Lenz
 tutorial-4-hydrodynamics.tar.gzTutorial 4 - HydrodynamicsOlaf Lenz
 tutorial-5-votca.pdfTutorial 5 - VOTCAOlaf Lenz