Fault Tolerant and Energy Efficient Algorithms in Molecular Simulations

September 5, 2011 to September 7, 2011
Location : CECAM-HQ-EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland
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11 presentations

 Axel-Arnold.pdfESPResSo - using GPUs to accelerate coarse grained Molecular Dynamics simulationsTeodoro Laino
 Christian_Conti.pdfA Multiphase Compressible Flow Solver on Energy Efficient ArchitecturesTeodoro Laino
 Enrique-Quintana-Orti.pdfPower-aware execution of sparse and dense linear algebra librariesTeodoro Laino
 George-Bosilca.pdfSurvival guide to scalable computingTeodoro Laino
 Hatem-Ltaief.pdfRecent advances in energy-aware algorithms and scheduling for dense linear algebraTeodoro Laino
 Ilian_Todorov.pdfDirections of Developments in Parallel Molecular Dynamics SoftwareTeodoro Laino
 Ivo_Kabadshow.pdfPerspectives for efficient simulations of long range interactions with multi-billion particles.Teodoro Laino
 Jeff-Hammond.pdfDesigning quantum chemistry codes for next-generation supercomputers.Teodoro Laino
 Piotr-Luszczek.pdfEnergy footprint for LINPACK benchmark from supercomputers to tablet devicesTeodoro Laino
 Stefan_Goedecker.pdfExploiting multicore CPU and GPU architectures in the BigDFt electronic structure codeTeodoro Laino
 Urban_Borstnik.pdfSparse matrix multiplication: Knowing what not to calculateTeodoro Laino

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