Coarse-grained Simulation of Biological Soft Matter Systems using ESPResSo

October 10, 2011 to October 14, 2011
Location : University of Stuttgart, Germany


  • Axel Arnold (Institute for Computational Physics, University of Stuttgart, Germany)
  • Christian Holm (Institute for Computational Physics, University of Stuttgart, Germany)
  • Olaf Lenz (Institute for Computational Physics, University of Stuttgart, Germany)



SimTech Cluster of Excellence



In the tutorial, the participants will learn how to use the free open-source software ESPResSo to perform simulations of soft-matter systems, with a focus on biophysical systems. The tutorial is targetted at Postdocs, PhD students and undergraduate students that want to perform simulations of such systems and want to learn how to use ESPResSo for that purpose.

From Monday to Thursday, lectures will be held in the morning that give the theoretical foundation and the general ideas behind ESPResSo and its algorithms. In the afternoon, the participants can try out the software in extensive hands-on sessions. On Friday, a series of talks by different researchers will describe how ESPResSo has been successfully employed in research.

The tutorial is hosted at the Institute for Computational Physics at Stuttgart University in Germany. There will be no conference fee, and lunches and coffee breaks are included. In general we will not able to cover accomodation or travel cost. If you really need support, please contact the organizers.

The tutorial is generously supported by the European Science Foundation (ESF) and the SimTech Cluster of Excellence.


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