The E-CAM centre of excellence is built around the scientific community of CECAM. It is a partnership of 16 CECAM Nodes, 4 PRACE Centers and one Centre for Industrial Computing (Hartree Centre)


  • Software Development to solve important modelling and simulation problems in industry and academia
  • Tuning those codes to run on HPC, through application co-design and the provision of HPC oriented libraries and services.
  • Training scientists from industry and academia .
  • Supporting industrial end-users in their use of simulation and modelling, via workshops and direct discussions with experts in the CECAM community.


Highlights from the E-CAM project.


Access the software produced in E-CAM and the training material generated at our events.

Success Stories

A selection of case studies and success stories related to E-CAM’s pilot projects focused on industrially oriented problems.


E-CAM events can run at CECAM HQ and at different CECAM Node locations. We run three categories of events : Scoping workshops in collaboration with industry, State-of-the-art workshops and Extended Software Development Workshops.


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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 676531