The governance of CECAM relies on four bodies with distinct functions.

  • The CECAM Council is the supreme governing body of CECAM, where all Member Organizations are represented. It has the ultimate responsibility for all strategy and operations.
  • The CECAM Director coordinates and executes the CECAM programme of activities, under delegated authority from the CECAM Council. The Director and the CECAM administrative staff are located at the Headquarters.
  • The Board of Directors consists of all Node Directors and the CECAM Director, who chairs the Board. The CECAM Director and the Node Directors administer the part of the adopted programme taking place at their respective locations. The Board of Directors works towards a coordinated optimal selection and distribution of CECAM activities throughout the network.
  • The Scientific Advisory Committee consists of eminent scientists, coming from the different fields covered by CECAM. Its role is to advise the CECAM Director and the Board of Directors on the CECAM scientific policy. It is chaired by the CECAM Director.