How to Apply for
Node Status

CECAM welcomes new nodes. If you intend to apply for a CECAM node, please contact the CECAM Director Andrea Cavalli (
Below you will find a template that can be used to draft the required Node Agreement


From Article 5: CECAM Nodes.

A CECAM Node is a research structure inside a larger Institution (the ”Node Institution”), or a consortium of such research structures, devoted to active research in computational sciences in one or more domains covered by CECAM. The Institution (or consortium of Institutions) proposing to host a Node is expected to be a prominent Research Centre in the country where it operates. In particular, this Institution is supposed to develop and sustain:

  • An internationally recognized research programme at the frontiers of the scientific domain(s) of interest;
  • All cyber-infrastructures suitable for/required by the activity of the CECAM Node.

In the simplest situation, a Node is linked to a single Institution which is also a member organization of CECAM. When the Node involves more than one ”Node Institution” with possibly one or more Member Organizations of CECAM, a consortium agreement will be signed between all the institutions constituting the Node in order to establish the creation of the Node and to specify a person (possibly the Node Director) who can be authorized by each Node Institution to sign agreements related to the Node on behalf of each single institution constituting the Node.