Call for the first CECAM CCP5 sandpit is open

Call closes on 30 June 2022

CECAM and the CCP51 project fund yearly a joint sandpit project to foster collaborative research, involving both academic and, when appropriate, also non-academic, and in particular industrial, participants, in the area of advanced simulation (including software developments) and artificial intelligence.

Preparatory meetings, short – possibly repeated - scientific visits and creation of infrastructure (e.g. repositories, Wikies…) to enable collaborative software development projects are among the activities eligible for funding. These activities are expected to have a tangible outcome, e.g. in the form of software or white papers, that should be specified in the application. All output is expected to respect the principles of open science and be made available in community repositories or archives.

Interdisciplinarity and collaboration between researchers based in the UK and in other countries within the CECAM community are a requisite for these activities. In particular, organizers will have to include researchers from at least one publicly funded UK Research Institution and one Research Institution based in continental Europe or Israel.

1 grant EP/V028537/1 "CCP5++: Integrating Computer Simulation of Condensed Phases with experiments and data science"