CoVid-19: challenges and responses in simulation, modeling and beyond

Our community is part of the broad, interdisciplinary effort to understand, mitigate and eventually terminate this crisis. In this series of webinars, we offer insights on current initiatives and provide an opportunity to learn and discuss general aspects of the problem and more specific projects. Three e-meetings are currently planned for April 21st and 28th and May 5th. As always, we are open to input from the community and we would be glad to extend the initiative if there is positive feedback.

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Antonietta Mira, Andrea De Gaetano :
Modeling the pandemic is difficult: hopes and doubts about model building

Jean-Philip Piquemal:
Modeling SARS-CoV-2 Proteins using Molecular Dynamics and Polarizable Force Fields

Tuesday May 12

Andrea Cavalli:
Current therapeutic options for CoVid-19: prediction of mechanism of action through atomistic simulations and machine learning

Modesto Orozco :
HPC and BigData approaches in CoVid-19 research

Tuesday May 5

Andrea Beccari:
Exscalate4CoV, an introduction

Carmine Talarico:
The computational Task in Exscalate4CoV

Giulia Rossetti:
Computational approaches to drug repurposing

April 28 2020

Erik Lindhal :
The proteins of SARS-CoV-2, joint data repositories, and community collaborations

Francesco Stellacci :
Supramolecular antivirals

April 21 2020

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